Sprouting Speech is turning a new leaf!

Over the last year, we have merged with the Ottawa program and became the:

First Words

Ottawa & Renfrew County

Preschool Speech and Language Program


What stays the same?

The referral process stays the same in Renfrew County.

To refer a child who lives in Renfrew County for a speech and language assessment, call the First Words Intake Office at 1-888-421-2222 ext. 5905 or 613-732-7007 ext. 5905.


Services continue to be offered at various sites across Renfrew County to families of preschool children (from birth to eligibility for Senior Kindergarten).


What’s new?

Check out the First Words website: FirstWords.ca You can access a wide range of resources and webinars (learning tools), and even find customized content for Renfrew County.


Coming Soon: The First Words Communication Checkup! This online screening tool will be available to Renfrew County families by March 2020.



1 in 10 preschool children needs help with speech and language.


If you have concerns or questions about your child’s communication,

check out the Ages & Stages communication.