Sprouting Speech is the Preschool speech and Language Program for young children and their families who live in Renfrew County.

Concerned About How Your Child Speaks and Listens?

Communication is more than just words.  It includes speech, language, voice, fluency, hearing and cognitive  communicative abilities.  A child may:

  •     •  be slow to talk
  •     •  have difficulty understanding what is said
  •     •  have difficulty putting a sentence together
  •     •  not be understood easily even though he/she can talk in full sentences
  •     •  be stuttering
  •     •  have a chronically hoarse voice or lose their voice for periods of time
  •     •  be hard of hearing or deaf

What Do We Do?

We focus on offering the child and family a range of services based on the needs of the child, with an emphasis on parent training and home programming.


Who Is It For?

It is for children from birth to school age, who have speech and language needs.  Sprouting Speech provides the following services funded through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, to Ontario residents.

  •      •  Assessment
  •      •  Parent training
  •      •  Home programming
  •      •  Group therapy
  •      •  Individual therapy
  •      •  Consultation to the child's caregivers at day care


How Does It Help? 


The Speech Language Pathologists at Sprouting Speech are highly trained and certified to offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of young children with speech and language difficulties and their families.

By directly involving parents in helping their children, we have found that children often progress more quickly because:

  •     •   Parents know their children best
  •     •   Preschool children spend a lot of time with their parents and other caregivers
  •     •   Parents praise is a very powerful teaching tool for young children.