After a referral  to Sprouting Speech has been made and the information forms are received, your child will be placed on a waitlist for an initial assessment. When an appointment becomes available, you will receive a phone call to book the initial assessment. 

You will meet with a Speech-Language Pathologist who will conduct the assessment.  During the initial assessment, the S-LP will look at:  how your child understands and use language, articulation/ pronunciation of sounds and words, how well the tongue and lips move, and if there are any voice, hearing, social language or stuttering problems.  This information is gained by standardized testing, parent information and clinical observation.  The Speech-Language Pathologist will then develop recommendations and an action plan with the family.    

 If you have any concerns about your child's speech and would like to book an initial assessment, please contact Sprouting Speech at (613) 732-7007, ext. 5905 OR 1-888-421-2222.