Parent/Caregiver training is a key component of any intervention plan.  Less structured parent/ caregiver training is always incorporated into the assessment and therapy process.

We also often recommend and offer formal parent/caregiver training as part of the intervention plan. 

This may include group programs such as:

         Hanen® Programs for Parents/Caregivers:

              It Take's Two To Talk - The Hanen® Program for Parents
              • Target Word - The Hanen® Program for Parents of Children Who Are Late Talkers
              • More Than Words -The Hanen® Program for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

              •TalkabilityTM The Hanen Program® for parents of Verbal Children on the Autism Spectrum      

  •   •    Toddler Talk
    • A parent-child group program in which parents learn to apply focused stimulation techniques to help their children acquire individually targeted speech and language goals.

We also offer formal and informal training to Early Childhood Educators and community partners in the Renfrew County area.  This includes formal group programs such as:

              Learning Language and Loving It - The Hanen® Program for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers

·  ABC and BeyondTM The Hanen Program® for Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings

For more information, please call Sprouting Speech at (613)732-7007, ext. 5905 or 1-888-421-2222.