By age 4, your child

    • follows some directions involving 3 or more steps -
          • First get some paper, then draw a picture, last give it to mom.
   • uses adult-type grammar
    •tells stories with a clear beginning, middle and end
    • talks to try to solve problems with adults and other children
    •demonstrates increasingly complex imaginative play
    •is understood by strangers almost all of the time
   • is able to generate simple rhymes - "cat-bat"
    •matches some letters with their sounds - "letter T says tuh"

 Four Year-olds like it when you:

    •Give them lots of opportunities to play with other children - at the library, the park, the Early Years Centre. Sometimes they like having just one or two friends over to your home to play.
    •Point out words in books and run your finger under words while you read to them.
    • Talk about the order of events -
         •First we wash our hands, then we have a snack and last we put our dishes in the sink.
    • Encourage them to tell their own stories - by asking them to tell you about their day, to describe a movie they watched, to tell you about their favourite book.
   • Read books rhyming words - "mouse/house", and point out sounds at the start of words -
          • Mommy starts with the 'mmm' sound - that's the letter M.

From:  Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services